Right now if you buy a WeMo Smart Plug along with an all new Echo Dot, you’ll save 27% and get them both for $73 versus buying them separately for $100. Simply plug WeMo into any standard outlet, and control your appliances from anywhere in the world using your smartphone. Program on/off times for your lights, A/C or a fan. Put it in “away mode” while you’re on vacation and it will randomly turn on/off throughout the day to mimic someone in the home and confuse would-be intruders. You’ll think of a hundred ways to automate with this device. Pair WeMo with an all new Echo Dot and gain the power of voice control over your appliances, not to mention streaming music, weather updates, sports scores — anything you can think of, just ask and Alexa will help via the Echo Dot.  The Dot/Plug bundle will save you 27% when bought together on Amazon right now

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