First Samsung, now Apple. Battery problems in smartphones are all the rage these days.

Of course, Apple’s battery problems are very different than the ones Samsung users experienced, notably in that nothing has yet exploded. But what is happening to iPhones? And which models are affected?

In IT Blogwatch, we operate at full charge. 

So what exactly is happening? John Ribeiro has the background:

Apple…said…a few iPhone 6s smartphones are unexpectedly shutting down…Apple…appeared to suggest that the problem would be resolved by a replacement battery which the company offered free.

The China Consumers Association asked Apple to investigate…iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s phones that were automatically shutting off. The…shutdowns were said to happen when the phone’s battery charge dropped to between 60 and 50 percent.

Battery problems with another smartphone? We remember what happened with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recently. Mikey Campbell assures us this isn’t the same:

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