This weekend saw all Apple’s iPhone X news leak. It was interesting to learn more about what the company will announce tomorrow, but it’s left me with a sense of unease. Why is it that we now think we know what Apple will reveal tomorrow, but we still don’t know what’s in the U.S. President’s tax returns? Who really paid for these leaks?

What to expect in the new iPhones

Let me summarize some of what we got told over the weekend. I’ll keep it short, as I’m fairly certain anyone who wants to read these things already did:

  • Sizes: 5.8-inch, 5.5-inch, and 4.7-inch. 3GB RAM, 2GB in smallest device
  • FaceID to replace Touch ID
  • A11 Fusion chip is a 6-core chip, two cores are high power
  • Qi wireless charging
  • 3D animated emoji
  • Apple TV to get A10X Fusion chip and 3GB RAM: A big bonus for games developers and sufficient to support 4K content
  • Apple Watch: Suggestion that Apple will make your watch an LTE phone
  • Future iPhones: OLED iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus

With iOS 11, ARKit, much-improved machine intelligence and a host of other anticipated improvements set to appear across the Apple product range, the millions of everyday consumers who don’t spend their lives glued to tech news websites will find a lot to like in Apple’s new smartphones.

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