Google’s longstanding motto was “Don’t be evil.” So has the company been meeting that goal?

Not according to one employee, who is suing the tech giant over its confidentiality practices. So what exactly is the employee alleging that Google did? Some not very nice stuff, to say the least. 

In IT Blogwatch, we get the lowdown on what we aren’t supposed to know.

So what is going on? John Ribeiro has the background:

A product manager at Google…sued the company for…allegedly illegal confidentiality agreements, policies and practices that…prohibit employees from speaking even internally about illegal conduct and dangerous product defects.

The alleged policies…are said to violate California laws, restrict employees’ right to speak, work or whistle-blow, and include restrictions on speaking to the government, attorneys or the press about wrongdoing at Google.

Anything else of note? Oh, there might be something. Reed Albergotti has the details:

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