Google is here to protect the little people, right?

That is why the tech giant is instituting new rules for malicious websites that have previously been able to game Google’s “Safe Browsing” system. Now, sites that clean up their act only to reimplement malicious code or software won’t have it so easy.

In IT Blogwatch, we cautiously visit new websites. 

So what is happening? Gregg Keizer has the details:

When Google flags sites for hosting malicious code or unwanted software…users see warnings in Chrome and other browsers…But after making changes to align…with Google’s “Safe Browsing” terms, webmasters may ask Google to lift the virtual embargo.

Not surprising, some took advantage of the mechanism for lifting…warnings. Sites would cease…illicit practices…only long enough to get back into Google’s good graces. Once Google gave the all-clear, the once-dirty-then-clean site would…again distribute malware or spew phishing emails.

So what is Google doing about it? Liam Tung is in the know:

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