There is not a whole lot that Google doesn’t have a hand in these days, when it comes to personal technology, at least. 

The tech giant already had a router in OnHub, but they just upped the home wireless ante with their new Google Wifi. The reviews are in — here is what everyone is saying about Google’s latest. 

In IT Blogwatch, we are connected and ready to go. 

So what is Google Wifi? Keith Shaw has the background:

Google made a bunch of new hardware announcements earlier this year, which included…Google Wifi (love how they drop the hyphen and lowercase the F)…a wireless mesh platform to go up against…other startups like eero…Google Wifi is the update to its OnHub Wi-Fi platform…Google sent me a three-pack of the new system, which goes on sale to the general public today.

And what exactly is a mesh network? Antonio Villas-Boas has the details:

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