It is a question as old as time — or at least as old as digital photos: What is the best way to digitize old pictures?

The answer is easy — a dedicated photo scanner. But, if you don’t want to drop the cash on one of those and spend all the time it takes to actually scan individual pictures, Google Photos thinks it has a pretty good solution in it’s new app. 

In IT Blogwatch, we digitize pictures of our brother’s ’80s mullet to share with the world.

So what is this app? Danny Zepeda has the background:

Google…announced a new…app called PhotoScan that lets you digitize your old photo collection with ease.

Digitizing old pictures with your smartphone has become the common method for preserving old memories, but it’s not perfect. PhotoScan makes the process easier thanks to an intuitive design and Google’s smarts…The quality of the image using PhotoScan won’t be as good if you used a dedicated scanner, but it is…better than using your stock camera app.

But what makes PhotoScan special? And how does it work? Harry McCracken has the details:

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