Looking for the weaknesses in your systems is a critical part of protecting them against a slew of known threats. It’s only by identifying where the holes might be that you have a chance of patching them. The problem is that pen-testing can be expensive — because of the cost of the tools, the price of the specialists you need to run them, or both. For small companies, these costs can be prohibitive.

What exactly is penetration testing?

Penetration testing is looking for the vulnerabilities in your systems before the bad guys find them. This technology allows many organizations to keep their systems from being broken into. The key elements to good penetration testing include frequent updates (so the process “knows” about all the vulnerabilities discovered to date and can look for them), having someone competent at the helm to run the tests and capture the results, and a good team of system techs to prioritize the configuration changes that need to be made, the patches that need to be applied, etc. and to ensure that the weaknesses are addressed.

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