This week Microsoft [Disclosure:  Microsoft is a client of the author] announced the date for shipping their Surface Pro with LTE Advanced.   This is an important foundational product for their coming Windows on Snapdragon offering because it will set the market for a laptop that is always connected, a capability that has been in market for over a decade but largely without broad adoption.  Even though we have had pervasive data connections with our phones for over a decade we still think of PCs more as hard wired devices that may not always be connected.  To assure the success of the ARM version of Windows Microsoft needs to build up advocacy for that capability because if the ARM laptops are reviewed like an x86 laptop they’ll be panned.   They have to be seen, much like the iPad initially was, not as a crippled product but as an offering with unique advantages.   This isn’t going to be easy and this new Surface Pro with LTE Advanced will need to plow the field. 

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