[Developing story: Updated 8:08 am PT with more comment]

Some iPhone 6s units have much better battery life than others. That’s the claim made by amateur benchmarkers who compared ones with A9 SoCs made by either Samsung or TSMC.

So, sigh, everyone’s calling it “batterygate.” Ho hum. 

Anyway, Apple’s response boils down to the now-classic, Jobsian line: “You’re [something] it wrong.” And as for the weirdly worded PR statement… What is this, Zero Wing? Noun/verb agreement FAIL (for great justice).

TSMC’s A9 SoC might be 33% better than the Samsung-sourced chip, according to several benchmarks by real users. That doesn’t sound like 2–3%. Is it credible that Apple and the users should be an order of magnitude apart?

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