You know about Moto Mods, right?

Of course you do — they are the phone attachments that transform your Moto phone into a camera, a projector or speaker. Well, Moto may be out of ideas, because the company now wants everyone to come up with their own Moto Mods and share them through a crowdfunding campaign or at a hackathon. But how will this all work?

In IT Blogwatch, we use our phones as, well, phones. 

Just some background — what exactly are Moto Mods and what is the story here? Carl Velasco fills us in:

Motorola’s own version of the modular smartphone…is made possible by the Moto Mods, a series of accessories that can latch onto the back of compatible Motorola smartphones that add extra functionality.

These devices have…been…struggling to bleed beyond being a “concept” accessory instead of a legitimate, mainstream innovation for smartphones…But with the help of a new developer competition…coupled with Motorola’s Moto Mods Development Kit, or MDK, all bets are now off in terms of what’s possible, now that everyone’s ideas are involved.

But how are “everyone’s ideas” involved? JC Torres explains it to us:

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