The good, bad and ugly of Apple’s iPhone 7 headphone plans

Apple allegedly plans to get rid of the headphone jack in the next iPhone. In order to listen to audio you’ll need to use Lightning or Bluetooth compatible earphones, or the iPhone’s internal speaker. Here’s the good, bad and (potentially) ugly of Apple’s decision.


I guess most of us will choose to use Bluetooth headphones. Apple will be pleased about this as its recently-acquired Beats headphone brand dominates the market for them.

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Cerber ransomware rakes in cash by recruiting unskilled hackers

A ransomware strain has been making a pretty penny by opening its doors to unskilled hackers. 

Security firm Check Point gained a rare look at the inner workings of the Cerber ransomware and found that its developers are building a network of partners to attack more targets — and rake in more cash. 

Check Point also warned that because of Cerber, more unskilled cybercriminals might choose to participate in ransomware schemes. 

“Even the most novice hacker can easily reach out in closed forums to obtain an undetected ransomware variant,” it said in a new report.

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Cognitive offloading: How the Internet is increasingly taking over human memory

Our increasing reliance on the Internet and the ease of access to the vast resource available online is affecting our thought processes for problem solving, recall and learning. In a new article, researchers have found that ‘cognitive offloading’, or the tendency to rely on things like the Internet as an aide-mémoire, increases after each use.

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4 keys to getting funding for your IT project

Many IT leaders complain constantly that they can’t satisfy their users because their budget doesn’t provide enough money for new services. Meanwhile, many unsatisfied users complain that IT should not be given more money until new services are delivered. It’s a vicious circle.

But there is always money somewhere, especially in a large and established enterprise. According to a recent Fortune magazine survey of private companies’ CEOs, 92% said they have all the cash they need to fund investments. In many cases, even literal bankruptcy isn’t an automatic impediment, since judges will approve expenditures that they believe are important for companies under their protection.

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Knock knock! Google video chat app Duo calling

If there is one thing we don’t have enough of, it is video chatting apps.

Thankfully, Google is taking matter into their own hands. The internet giant has released a new app called Duo, designed specifically for making video calls. The app is supposed to be simple and straightforward, and since it works across platforms, you can even call your Android or iOS-wielding friends with it. So what do we know about it?

In IT Blogwatch, we say: Hello? It’s me.

Google what-now? Brian Fagioli gives us the background:

Video chat should be simple, but it is not…Google is aiming to solve this…with its ‘Duo’ video chat app. With it, the search giant is putting a heavy focus on ease of use. 

If you are ready to download, you can get it…in the USA for both Android and iOS. Unfortunately, there are no desktop or web clients.

So what is the big deal about this app? Edward C. Baig fills in some of the blanks:

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