Oh goody, there’s a new type of ransomware that is based on JavaScript but more powerful as it uses NW.js to infect users; it’s considered to be a cross-OS ransomware and it’s being sold as ransomware-as-a-service. Happy flipping 2016!

Ransom32, a first-of-its-kind ransomware, was first reported by one of its victims on Bleeping Computer. So far the only Ransom32 variants spotted in the wild have targeted Windows machines, but it uses the NW.js framework that allows an application to be written once yet be “instantly usable on Windows, Linux and MacOS X.” Emsisoft’s security expert Fabian Wosar explained that by using NW.js, “Ransom32 could easily be packaged for both Linux and Mac OS X,” even though he has only seen it in a Windows executable (exe) format.

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