Well, gang, it’s finally happened: We’ve made it past the point of no return. The notion of hardware being “smart” has, as tech-lovers love to say, officially jumped the shark.

It’s been headed that way for some time now, of course. But while we’ve been watching it wobble with random goofy gadgets for a while, this year’s CES convention in Vegas has taken the balance and slammed it firmly downward in the direction of silliness.

The main culprit? Samsung’s Family Hub Refrigerator — a “smart” fridge (oh yes) that comes with three cameras (uh huh) and a built-in Internet-connected tablet (yup). It’ll cost $5,000 (no joke) and will be available to anyone with lots of expendable income (cha-ching) and very little good judgment (durrr) sometime this spring.

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