It’s job-interview time for this IT pilot fish who’s very experienced — and has a few extra qualifications too.

“I was in the hands-on team lead’s office as he was asking a series of technical and situational questions,” says fish.

“He asked me one slightly esoteric Unix question, to which I responded — while pointing to a book on his shelf — ‘Chapter 5, I believe.’

“He gave me a quizzical look. I asked if I could get the book. I grabbed it, flipped to chapter 5, then flipped ahead a few more pages, laying it open on his desk. ‘I’m sorry, it was chapter 6,’ I told him, as I pointed to my name on the chapter title page.

“Although the books I’ve contributed to are on my resume, the list is all the way at the bottom. I don’t usually go into interviews talking about that work, but in this case I just couldn’t help myself.

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