With a belief that existing browsers were made for looking at the web and not for developers, Brisk has built a browser specifically focused on website development.

Based on Google’s Chromium open source browser project, Blisk features a toolbox for developing, debugging, and testing “modern” websites. Available via a subscription service, Blisk is in a 1.0 release, having completed a beta program. It is available for Windows and Mac.

Blisk is looking to solve a problem in which “millions of developers are suffering from setting up the development environment,” said co-founder Andrii Bakirov. “Developers need to download, set up, configure and maintain tens of different tools even before writing a single line of code. It could be different frameworks, tools, extensions and SaaS services,” he said. “To build fast and modern websites, [a] developer has to buy and set up this fragmented set of tools and then suffer from maintaining it.”

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